Infrastructural Services

If it is digital, we are here for you.

A. Installing servers and storage:
Implementing your new server and storage technologies gives you a faster return on your investment. The challenge is usually a lack of available in-house staff to plan and perform the deployment. We can help provide the skills you need – as much or as little – to help provide a smooth and cost-effective server or storage system implementation.

  • Server Implementation and Migration Services for IBM, HP, Dell and Sun Servers.
  • Storage and Data Implementation and Migration Services
  • Data Mobility Services

B. Optimizing servers, data and storage:
Optimization of your server and storage infrastructure helps the bottom-line with cost savings while providing innovation.

  • Server Optimization (Virtualization) and Integration Services
  • Storage Optimization (Virtualization) and Integration Services
  • Data Mobility Services

C. Designing and Planning the Data Centre
We can help plan, design and build flexible, cost-effective & energy efficient data centres and facilities — including turnkey cabling solutions.

  • IT Facilities Assessment, Design and Construction Services
  • Facilities Consolidation and Relocation Services
  • Facilities Cabling Services