Kaspersky Anti Virus 3 User


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The most important feature is of course Scan, which offers all the various features you’d expect. You can do quick and full scans, a selective scan that looks at specific folders, and an external device scan for USB drives.

Of all the dashboard features, the one that might cause some confusion is Safe Money. This is Kaspersky’s version of a dedicated, sandboxed browser, called Protected Browser, that separates your online financial activity from the rest of your system. This can include everything from logging in to your bank to purchasing something on Amazon. When it’s active, Safe Money automatically adds bank or payment system sites to its local database as you visit them. A pop-up then appears offering to open the site in Protected Browser. A new improvement in Total Security 2019 lets you open a site directly from the notification area.

There’s also an option to manually add other sites if you’d prefer to use them with Protected Browser. You can also use an on-screen keyboard to type in account and password details to protect against any potential keyloggers lurking in your system.

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