Mercury 100AH 12V Battery


SKU: Mer 100AH

The Mercury Deep Cycle Battery 100Ah 12V Elite 100. Leak-proof sealed maintenance free with a wide operating temperature, high impact resistant cast and low self-discharge. This battery comes with a 1-year warranty

20 Hour Rate 100AH

10 Hour Rate 92AH

5 Hour Rate 80AH

Overvoltage Restoration 41AH

Internal Resistance Fully Charged Battery 4.5m

Self Discharge:

Capacity after 3 Month Storage 91%

Capacity after 6 Month Storage 81%

Capacity after 12 Month Storage 60%

Max Discharge Current 800A (5S)

Terminal M3

Cycle Initial Charging Less than 30A

Float Voltage 14.4 ~ 14.7V/77°F (25°C)

Voltage 13.5 ~ 13.8V/77°F (25°C)

Dimension (WxDxH) mm 208 X 407 X 174

Net Weight (kg) 30

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